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Davezilla v. Godzilla
Geez, Just when I felt like I was making progress with the Search Engine thing, and I was feeling pretty good about it, I read about the Davezilla thing. (Click the above link for a discussion board.) Just in case you don't know, Toho (A Japanese Corporation that owns the Godzilla trademark.) has had its lawyers send a letter to a small time web-zine operator. The web-zine is Davezilla, and it is a humor zine. Pretty good one, too. Check it out.

Human Bioresonance Fields
Hmmm, is there really a calm before the storm? Or is it the other way around? After a period of intense re-design of what is now the "family" of Brevity websites, I got a little burned out. The discussion board was a waste of time (nobody used it) and I came up with something that might be more useful (links, information, etc. about Recovery Resources). I went through what, for me, was a major effort to promote the site. But, still, I can't seem to get on the "search engine radar." Everything is about MONEY. So, I quit. But, an old friend asked me about the pages. I decided to add an entry to Brevity (the Weblog). A search using keywords "ego pain web" turned up a lot of really weird stuff. I switched to "ego web development" and found the link now quoted on Brevity. Here's one of the more "unusual" ones, just for those who like such things....

Brevity Discussion Board & Links
Wow! I think I can finally feel justified in making another entry to Resjudicata. I've spent several hours over several days (since Monday) completely revising the "Brevity Discussion Board" on Tripod. The old one had been DEAD since November of last year, anyway (so I deleted it). I don't know if this one will get any more action, but I've learned a fair amount (more) about Microsoft Front Page. Still so much yet to learn. I think my next challenge is going to be how to participate in a banner exchange (probably just one) on that website. Added many things, including links, a searchable site, and a feedback form. Check it out!

Google Search for Brevity
Finally, Brevity has (barely) shown up on the search engine radar. Google has it if you do this search "brevity pitas wisdom heart soul"... ...sigh, this weblog thing can be harder than it looks! ;-)

Webferret Download Page
My Aunt Ann used to say "Don't let the Sun set on your problems, set on them yourself." This was also in cartoon form on a ceramic tile on her wall. (A big "Sun" smiling as it sat on little Devils trying to escape and get away.) I searched for Brevity using my favorite meta-search engine, Webferret. I actually entered "brevity" and "pitas" as search terms. Nothing. Nada. Not even a single hit for brevit.pitas.com. (But 500 hits for a wide variety of totally unrelated stuff.) So, how much does what I'm doing help anyone except maybe my own ego? Spent the last two hours working on search engine submissions. We'll see if that helps at all. The discussion group looks pretty dead, also. Hmm, wonder what approach I'll try next?

Are you a Human Being or a Human Doing?
Sigh. I *DO* (should I say "be"?) seem to be running as fast as I can. Hence my Brevity entry, and the following one, about being a "Human Being" rather than a "Human Doing"... ...okay, here's the quote: "Old paradigm: DO so you can HAVE so you can BE. New paradigm: BE so you can DO so you can HAVE." Pretty strange stuff. But, see the weblink if you want more.

Twelve Step Software Tools
Wow! My first set of entries since about November or December. A series of computer meltdowns, including both my own and the Excite/Comcast problems, have prevented me from maintaining this project. I now know that it really is a ONE DAY AT A TIME process and I just can't PROMISE to do it everyday. But, I'll add what I can. This weblink goes to a site that has tools such as Windows Desk Accessories that offer daily 12 Step quotes. I hope it is helpful. I also have an e-mail address now devoted to both Brevity and Resjudicata: Brevity29 located at hotmail.com. Let me know if you find these contributions helpful....

Vogon Industries Homepage
The source of the "Don't Panic" quote? Well, I'm having a computer problem that threatens to become very expensive. And, I depend a great deal on my computer. So, as the threat of a meltdown looms in my life, this quote seems a bit appropriate. Just in case you are wondering what the relevance of "Vogons" might be, the Vogons were the brutal militaristic bureaucrats who demolished the Earth in HHG. Being forced to listen to Vogon "poetry" is reputed to been the worst form of torture in the Galaxy....

Post-Collegiate Malaise
Home sick today. I feel awful. Just can't seem to spit out anything much "positive." Here's another website about "malaise" (at least this one is humorous....)

Benatar Fan Club
This set of lyrics seems to pop up in my life every time I reach some kind of turning point. When I made my entry to Brevity, I decided to put in a link that was a little different. The Jessica Gelman / Harvard link seemed just right. After all, if the co-captain of a Harvard Athletic team chose the lyrics as a theme for the team, then I am probably in pretty good company! For those who would have prefered the Benatar Fan Club, click the above link.

No weblink anywhere with this comment. Trying to make a daily entry to a weblog is an interesting exercise in discipline. My original idea was to "lock in" my own daily meditations and possibly help others. What I am finding is, that because of how slow the 'net has been running (not sure why), my short 15 minute daily meditation process has expanded to about an hour (just going through the mechanics of making an entry to brevity). On the up side, looking for a web link to something related to my meditations has forced me to expand my view of the entire process (the words aren't just static comments on the page of a book).

End It All....
No, I'm not depressed and contemplating suicide. At least not in this note. Just saw something useful on TechTV: "End It All" This is a utility that shutdowns most (all?) open programs without using Ctrl-Alt-Del. Anyway, enjoy....

Yawn, Is it morning, again?
Hmm, wondering about what entry to put net into Brevity. Grandiose ideas of becoming the next Stephen King. Could I really stay home and not interact with people and still make millions of dollars per year writing about them? Sheer fantasy, of course... ...just dawned on me what the URL thing is for (put in some URL and then write an evaluation of it)....

Birth of Resjudicata
Okay, well, I guess I'm off to see the wizard. Or, at least, starting a small, private BLog about my experience(s) in developing the Brevity BLog....

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